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The Way of Tea

“Though there is information flowing through the lines you will read, in this story, I write not to add to a growing list of scholarly facts on tea. I instead want to approach my reflections on tea — its history, development and preparation over time — from an intuitive perspective; that is, to inspire the heart not the mind. So much of what tea is about, from ancient to modern, water to leave to liquor, takes place deep inside us where words can never hope to reach. Therefore, allow me, my friend, to breathe a bit of life — a bit of mythology — back into the story of tea, that it have the transcendent power it once had.” ~ Arron Fisher, Author of The Way of Tea.

“In today’s busy world, the lives of ancient tea masters, living in mountainside huts and picking tea leaves fresh off wild plants, may seem to inapplicable to our hectic lives as to be for our purposes mere myths. The Way of Tea shows modern readers how you can bring this serenity to your daily life. You don’t need a mountainside hut or hours for endless contemplation — just a few quiet moments with a steaming cup of your favorite tea.” ~ Tuttle Publishing

(From The Way of Tea — Reflections on a Life with Tea, published 2010 by Tuttle Publishing.)