Zen Teachings

The Gates of Chan Buddhism

Chan Master Jing Hui (1933-2013)(Dharma Heir of Empty Cloud) “Since the last century a great many authors, through various possible approaches, have made Chinese Chan known to English-speaking readers in Europe and America. Among them the Japanese great master, Mr. Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (1870-1966) did the most outstanding contributions in this regard. The characteristic feature… Continue reading The Gates of Chan Buddhism

Transmission of the Lamp

22. Manura

When Manura asked Bashubanzu, “Just what is the enlightenment of the Buddhas?” Bashubanzu answered, “It is none other than your ORIGINAL NATURE.” Manura then asked, “What is ORIGINAL NATURE like?” Bashubanzu replied, “The eighteen realms of the senses (i.e., all experiences) are void, unstained and pure.” When Manura heard this, he understood enlightenment. Manura (S.… Continue reading 22. Manura

Special Events

International Tea Day

Today is the first International Tea Day observed by United Nations. For this special occasion, with "Shelter in Place", we offer the merit of our silent tea meditation from home to all beings -- for their safety and health, for peace and love in the world on planet Earth.