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Zen Roots – The First Thousand Years

(Red Pine, Townsend 2019)

Fifty years ago, when I first started reading about Zen, D. T. Suzuki’s Manual of Zen Buddhism was a constant companion. It included the recorded words of the earliest Zen teachers – as well as those of the Buddhas – from which Zen took root. This book is an homage, a belated thank you for the gift.”

Translated by Red Pine

I was hoping this book would be smaller. But one old friend led to another. It is, though, just words. Don’t let them distract you from what’s important.” ~ Red Pine, Fall 2020

To echo the poem Bill Porter (Red Pine) wrote on a gift copy of this new book to a Zen friend, “Plant me in a sunny place; water me with your eyes,” we wish the flowers of Buddha-Dharma blossoming in the heart of thousands and thousands throughout the world.

(Newly published by Empty Bowl Press)