Special Events 特别活動

National Iced Tea Day

Traditionally tea is mostly brewed with hot boiled water. Not only the fragrance and sweet, mellow taste of tea are enjoyed, but also the hot tea-drinking itself has become a leisure and relaxation.

Nowadays, the fast-paced city life seems to leave a little time for sitting down and slowly boil water and make tea. And, as the hot summer begins, a cold beverage becomes a common choice. Today, we observe the National Iced Tea Day with home-made white tea with ice!

To prepare cold white tea, simply put 3~5g of the new “Silver Needles” or “White Peony” (the early picks of tea season each year) into a bottle of mineral water, let it set in room temperature for a few hours, then keep in the refrigerator, or take it wherever you go during the day; when serving, add a few ice cubes if you like, there you have it — cool and delicious Iced White Tea!

Some people may think that cold tea cannot completely release the fragrance and mellow taste of tea. It is actually not the case. Although not the same as hot tea, given it a few hours of time, the taste of cold white tea can be as fragrant and subtly delicious, if not more.

Because cold tea is simple in making and tea leaves can sit in the bottle for longer time than hot tea without affecting the taste (it will be bitter and astringent if tea leaves are soaked in hot water for too long), cold tea is very popular among professionals and young people — convenience is an easy choice for fast-paced life. Enjoy!