Special Events 特别活动

Painting without Images

People call calligraphy “a piece of painting without images, a piece of music without sounds, a stage without actors and actress and a building without components and materials.” Calligraphic works express essential elements of beauty — balance, proportion, variety, continuity, contrast, movement, change and harmony — through different shapes and forms of the lines, their… Continue reading Painting without Images

Bookshelf 推荐书架

The Finger Is Not the Moon

"Intoxicated by youthful dreams,I wandered far and widethrough marketplaces and countryside,until at last I met the Buddha!All compassionate, he sharedthe wondrous teachings with me.My faith was awakenedand I donned the robes of a monk.Dwelling in awareness,focusing heart and mind,I have attained the three knowledges,thanks to the Awakened One!Far and wide, the Lordhas sown the seeds… Continue reading The Finger Is Not the Moon